Friday, August 16, 2013

Getting to Know Your Students

I have been sharing some posts about how to get to know your students and their families.  

I have discussed using Family Journals, doing Family Visits, and sending home postcards welcoming your students to your class!  

These are my own postcards I send home each year!  Some of my new sweeties came to my classroom at our Back to School Social carrying their postcard!  They love getting mail!

One of the most simple ways I get to know my students is by sending home a survey at the beginning of the year.  I send mine home on the first day of school with the rest of their Back to School paperwork.  I had a Getting To Know Your Child survey I used when I first stared, and I re-did it last summer.  I updated the questions to make it more universal, changed the font, added a border and clip art, etc... 

This is a very simple way to get to know your students.  You can place them in a binder, or in a file folder for each student, or whatever works for you.  Then you can reference them whenever you need more information about a student.  I like to read each one of them and then I can use this information to make connections with my students.  

Click on the picture above to get the freebie!  I hope this is something you can use!  

Do you have a back to school survey you send home at the beginning of the year?  What are some other ways you get to know your students?

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