Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This post is not at all teaching related.

I realize this is supposed to be a blog about my classroom, but every good teacher needs a hobby, right?  Something we do outside of school that isn't school related.  Well, mine is doing crafty things.  And for a few years now, I've wanted a sewing machine.  I finally bought myself one with some Christmas money I had supplemented with lots of my own money.

A friend of mine (ok, like 10 friends of mine!) is having a baby.  Her shower is next weekend.  (She's also a teacher, so see, this relates to teaching!)  So I decided to make her something with my new sewing machine since the only thing I've made so far is 2 infinity scarves that I'm too chicken to wear.  I am dying to share it with someone, but I can't post it on Facebook because she's my friend on there, so I'm going to post it here instead.  I hope you don't mind.

I made her one of those tag blankets that apparently babies love.  I have no idea if this is true or not since I don't have any babies, but I believe everybody I've heard say it.  So I made her this.  It's a little bit crooked, but hey, it's handmade!  For my very first sewing project like it, I think I did a pretty good job! :-)  It took me a long time (maybe 4 hours or so), but I think it was worth it.  I just hope she likes it!

Sorry this picture isn't great.  I took it with my cell phone.

Thanks for letting me share something that is not at all teaching related!  I guess this is my blog, so I can share whatever I like. :-)  I hope you don't mind!

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