Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to School Shopping, Part 2

I headed out to do a little shopping for my "real life" the other day, and while I was out, I ended up picking up a few things for school.

My first stop was Target, where I found even more Dr. Seuss stuff than I did at my regular Target store.  I love the Dr. Seuss borders- one for the Lorax, and one with balloons on it (Oh, the Places You'll Go! maybe?)  I also bought some stickers that I can give my students during Dr. Seuss week.  I also found Dr. Seuss flashcards that can be used for Go Fish, which I thought might be fun for the students once they've finished another activity or just for fun.  I love those dry erase pockets, but apparently everybody else does too, because they're always gone before I realize they're there!  I have 2 of them now- 1 from the other day, and 1 from a little while ago.

The grey cups are possibly for putting pencils in at the tables.  I have 4 tables, and I am considering using table caddies this year.  I thought I could decorate them by adding ribbon or something, and put them in the caddies.  Makes it easy to sharpen pencils too, because I can just grab the cup off of each table.  I'm having a very difficult time deciding how I'm going to organize school supplies this year!

Other deals I scored but I didn't take a picture of are from Meijer and Office Depot.  At Meijer, I bought Crayola washable markers for $1.97 each.  I bought 1 regular, 1 bold, and 1 skinny.  Washable markers are the best!  I use the regular size for writing on charts and making posters, and the skinny ones are for my reading able.  I also bought 4 bottles of Elmer's Glue for 50 cents each.  (I got glue sticks at Wal-Mart for 10 cents each last week, and I have some left over from last year, so I hope I'm set for glue now!)

At Office Depot, I took advantage of their 1 cent sale and bought 30 folders for a penny each!  I also got 30 composition notebooks for 25 cents each, which is perfect because we didn't ask for those on our supply lists as I am the only 1st grade teacher that uses them.  So excited about saving money!  Woot!  All you have to do to score that deal is sign up for their Star Teacher Program.  I thought I already had last year at their Teacher Appreciation Day, but apparently not, so I signed up while I was there.  Office Depot allows teachers to buy 30 of the items that are on sale, while Office Max only allows 20, and Staples new policy just really sucks. :-(  If you are really looking to save money, just take your ad to Walmart and they'll match the price.  I tried it last year with notebooks, and it worked, though I had to explain to the cashier that teachers were allowed to have more than the specified amount on the ad.

So... not nearly as exciting as my last Back to School Shopping post, but I love good deals!

Any awesome purchases you've made for going back to school this year?
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