Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fun with the Gingerbread Man

So I have a confession to make: I love the Gingerbread stories. Ever since I taught Kindergarten, I've had a soft spot for the Gingerbread stories. All of them. Last year, I went as far as making salt-dough Gingerbread ornaments for my little school Christmas tree using Gingerbread characters. I have Gingerbread Pirates, a Gingerbread Girl, the Gingerbread Baby, and a bunch of others. When I moved to first grade, I felt like I shouldn't do the Gingerbread stories since they had read them the year before. I read a few books, but I didn't do much besides that. So this year, I decided to do a little bit more. I tried to step up what they had done in Kindergarten with some more writing and graphic organizers and stuff. I decided to put the stuff I have done (and one more activity I'm planning on doing!) into a little Gingerbread mini-unit.

 Make a Gingerbread Friend!

4 versions of a Gingerbread Reader. 
 Gingerbread Pirate Glyph- I made these with my students, and they were adorable and easy!

Lots of Graphic Organizers for the different Gingerbread Stories.  I filled these out with my students together as a whole group, then had them fill out a smaller copy in their notebook.  The kids who can write wrote what happened, and those who have a hard time were able to draw a picture.  These are the perfect size for a notebook if you trim off the edges.  No overhangs- I love it! 

Wanted Posters- Create your own Wanted poster for the character of the fox or Gingerbread!

You can find this unit here.  It's super easy prep for the last week before Winter Break!  And I'm going to put it on sale until Monday.

We have 4 more days left!  And I have so many things planned.  I can't wait to make these cute snowmen from Reagan Tunstall as a parent gift.  And I hope we can make salt-dough Christmas trees again this year (and I won't screw them up this time!)  I just hope I have enough time to get through it all!

Have a great last week before break!

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